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Lillian Ripley is a hard working visual artist trained in multiple kinds of media focused on Design. She is effective at time management while keeping an emphasis on creating a low stress environment  She is efficient and organized, able to handle multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously. 

Technical Proficiency

Platforms: Mac OS X 10.6.8

Applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Premiere, Lightroom. 


Summary of Skills

  • Proficient in illustrating media: paint, ink, pencil, charcoal and multiple forms of digital media
  • Experienced at formatting text with graphics for posters, programs and tickets
  • Team follower and team leader, comfortable in both roles
  • Fulfilling the needs of managing team correspondence, time management and budget supervising
  • Brainstorming individually and in teams
  • Multitasking designing and producing posters, set designs and costume designs all for the same show.
  • Quick at learning new skills as they become needed
  • Organizing files for efficiency
  • Preparing files to print
  • Familiarity with digital cameras including the Canon Rebel T2i

Professional Accomplishments

Lilian is currently the illustrator of the web comic Roll Dice Already on

Positions and Titles Held: Graphic Designer, Poster Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer, Costume Mistress, Set Painter, Prop Builder, Stage Hand, Videographer.
Work displayed and sold at multiple WA based festivals.

One of the founding members of the Vashon Youth Theatre



Attended School of Visual Arts in Manhattan for two years studying animation and illustration.

Earned BA in Visual Storytelling at the Evergreen State College

Certified by Seattle Central Community College in the Publishing Arts

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